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2009.02.08. 21:10 Simon Iddol


about us The AudioPorn Central is a music blog, dedicated to hot, sweaty, juicy sounds and tools. The site is updated daily, 6 new posts everyday. Our main URL is www.audioporncentral.com but if you are having problems because of the porn tag, use our work safe URL www.apcsfw.com, its the same but safe and pornless. We give you good music in many ways. What is supposed to be free (mashups, free legal downloads, promo mixes etc) we give away free to download. We make links to webshops for official and commercially available releases, if you use our links to buy music you help the APC and the artists as well. We don't share commercially available music to download, but we do streaming to preview them for our visitors. Representatives of either the artist or publishing company can contact us and we will take the current track(s) offline.Have you seen our disclaimer? It's on the bottom of the right sidebar ;) the APC Family Bobby Martini Dottore Martini, pro mixer and shaker Copycat Nine lives, two turntables, and a microphone GG our toys specialist GingerZilla Mash Up Ginger m_anger guitar hero and videogame expert Morgan Page Living on jet fumes and waveforms Panic Girl let's panic! Phil RetroSpector self-confessed melancholic Simon Iddol the man who killed APC once, but he failed Venus Dash never posts, but always there categories - audiopornography things about the APC, site realeted issues, announcements - barely illegal bootlegs, mashups, mixtapes, illegal remixes - barely legal official releases, unreleased originals, demos - buzz news, fun stuffs, interviews - charts we have our own monthly APC TOP10 chart, but we posts guest charts of partner sites and VIP charts of our fave artists - morepornbettersex originally it was the name of our link list, but we decided to make a category to recommend good music related sites we like - orgy promo posts or audio / video materials about APC recommended concerts, events, gigs, parties from all around the world - toys softwares and hardwares to make or enjoy music - VIP Blogger Series when we invite our heroes to blog with us special features - AudioPorn FM powered by Fairtilizer our online radio, podcast, main player or playlist of the AudioPorn Central, you name it. We call it AudioPorn FM. We add new tracks every day not just the ones we post about!! - APC Chat the chatbox is at the right sidebar its free and you don't have to register to use it you can give us feedback there communicate with other APC readers if somebody spams we ban his/her IP +++UPDATE+++the chat is currently OFFLINE+++ - Monday Kick the very first post of each week, always something funny, weird, silly, crazy thing to help you to start an another week - Saturday Morning Cuties sweet things to start the weekends - Illegal Sunday at Sundays we mainly post mashups, bootlegs, illegal remixes and mixtapes rightclick fiesta ;) - World Premier!!! series we <3 artists and artists <3 APC because of this we are lucky to present you hot tracks first from the best producers and bands contact us - email for general issues, questions, bug reports etc we will get back to you as soon as we can! - suggestion box if you wanna send us a tip / theme what you think we should post use this to send us your own works or things what you find interesting - dropbox OFFLINE!! if you wanna send us your music, just upload it to our box if we like it we post it provide as much info as you can, it makes our life easier ;) - myspace feel free to add us to your friend list - twitter follow us and we will follow you back (sooner or later) feeds and subscriptions - main RSS - mailing list - AudioPorn FM playlist feed about each track we add to the playllist

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